Telling Stories

Come and hear stories inspired by Northwich’s Natural Heritage on Heritage Open Day.

As part of Northwich Heritage Open Day on Saturday 12th September renowned local storytellers The Journeyman and Sally forth will entertain families with weird and wonderful tales inspired by the landscape of the Flashes around Northwich Woodlands.

Tales include a ghostly woman, working ponies, an underground ballroom, a visiting Tsar and a lonely butterfly.   The stories will unfold on a walk around Neumann’s Flash.  Come along  and be surprised – you’ll never look at the Flashes in the same way again. You must book your tour ">here, or phone the team on 01606 723 160

Come to Northwich Town Centre to see other attractions on the day, then take a FREE tractor and trailer ride up to the woodlands to join your storytelling session.

Tour Times:
10.15am – 11.30am – with Sally Forth
11.45am – 1.00pm – with Sally Forth
1.15pm-2.30pm – with The Journey Man
2.45pm-4.00pm – with The Journey Man

Phone 01606 723160 to book your session or ">email us