Seeing the Sights in Saltscape

Joining the Saltscape team as the Community Engagement Trainee has been an exciting and interesting venture. I’ve discovered grass snakes, unearthed Cheshire’s salty past and investigated the newly renovated Lion Salt Works!

Mixed in with all of the fun activities that have started to shape my knowledge about this unique landscape and project, I have been developing and coordinating a Key Stage 2 education programme ready for launching in June. Looking back to university I see what my teacher meant when he said “geology rocks!”– I’ve devised some entertaining hands-on activities for students (with the help of my old geology notes!). They get to become science detectives to discover how fascinating salt can be and how its presence in Cheshire geology has shaped our local environment. The next few weeks will be a busy and exciting time with 14 school visits planned!

As spring sets in I am looking forward to seeing more of the wildlife that calls the Saltscape their home. I’ve already been acquainted with the elusive local species of butterfly known as the Dingy Skipper and have spotted some lime-loving Dog Violets in Northwich Community Woodlands.

I wonder what summer has in store……!?