More from the Saltscape Trainees

Read the latest blog entry from Ellen Sherlock – our Communications Trainee based with the delivery team at Groundwork in Northwich. 

“The Saltscape Landscape Partnership trainee programme has been a very exciting and educational experience that I’m so glad I got to be a part of. From the off I was networking with our numerous partners and stakeholders and getting involved with the many projects encompassed by the Saltscape.

The work has been greatly varied throughout the last 5-months and I have worked on everything from writing press releases for the local newspaper to going off-site and assisting in the capture of drone footage.

On a day to day basis I am one of the key persons responsible for the upkeep of our website and social media sites and this has given me a lot of insight into how these are run in a professional capacity.

Through  Saltscape I was able to receive professional press release training that has helped me to improve my writing skills and has also taught me how to best communicate with members of the media.

The Saltscape Landscape Partnership is also sending me to this year’s ‘Communicate!’ conference in Bristol. The two day conference discusses the tools communicators can use to successfully engage people with environmental issues. As my desired career is in science communication this will be a fantastic networking and educational opportunity for me to be a part of.

Saltscape has helped me to develop the skills I will need for my future career and has been a great step for me after completing my degree. I am very grateful for all the support and knowledge I have received and feel that this traineeship has really prepared my next venture”.