Marshall’s Arm Folk Songs

For the past 3-weeks Saltscape’s Animate! have been working closely alongside a local community group (formed through Marshall’s Arm Nature Reserve) producing folk music.

The group, made up of over 15 individuals, have been writing, creating and singing their own folk songs with musical accompaniment and leadership provided by Vicky and Ste (The Mono LP’s band members). Follow the link to check them out! – 

The folk songs – inspired by the local heritage of Marshall’s Arm, have given locals the chance to get creative and socialise in a new way. Folk songs are deeply embedded in our heritage and help to instil a greater sense of community. It’s wonderful to see Animate! keeping this tradition alive and for people to be able to share their experiences through music.

 A final performance will be held on Tuesday 10th October for family, friends and residents to enjoy.

The performance will run from 8-9pm at the Residents lounge, Anderton Place, Northwich.