Help Water Voles

Volunteer to help Water Voles on the River Weaver.

Nature lovers in the Weaver Valley  are to get the chance to learn more about the conservation of one our most precious and well- loved waterway mammals thanks to the Saltscape Landscape Partnership.

Saltscape is looking for local volunteers to take part in a project to help restore water vole habitat along the River Weaver near Frodsham.  Volunteers are needed to help undertake assessments of water vole habitats and record field signs for mink, otter and water voles. Andrea Powell from Cheshire Wildlife Trust who will be co-ordinating the work said : “Volunteer surveyors will be crucial in identifying the precise location of the planned habitat management work and collecting additional information on mink, otter and water vole populations in the area”.

A training course will take place at Frodsham Community Centre from 9.30am to 4pm on 26th July  run by Saltscape partners Cheshire Wildlife Trust and RECORD (the local Biological Records Centre).  Students will learn how to monitor and record local sightings which will assist in understanding the success of habitat conservation in the area.

Alison Lomax, Manager of the Saltscape Landscape Partnership said, ‘Water voles are Britain’s fastest declining wild mammal and this project represents a fantastic opportunity for local people to get actively involved in a riverbank restoration project, safeguarding their future in the Weaver Valley.’

Eric Fletcher from RECORD said:  ‘The training will mainly focus on the feeding evidence, latrines and burrows as well as looking at some other similar species such as the otter and larger mink’.  To book your place email or phone 01244 383749.  Alternatively visit