Caring for our Riverbanks for Water Voles.

Saltscape partner Cheshire Wildlife Trust has been training volunteers in how to identify great conditions for water voles to flourish.

Last Saturday staff from Cheshire Wildlife Trust went down to the river Weaver with volunteers from the Frodsham area.  The group was there to learn more about preserving and improving habitats for water voles with a view to helping carry out assessments of suitable sites in the near future.    Saltscape trainee Laura George said, “The day went really well. We had seven volunteers come along and the weather stayed dry. We had a look along the River Weaver and Frodsham Marshes at different types of habitat and assessed how suitable they were for water voles. ”

These seven volunteers are now trained to do habitat assessments for the project which will assist Cheshire Wildlife Trust to determine where best to carry out habitat management works making the area more attractive to water voles and hopefully boost population numbers in the future.