Geodiversity of the Weaver Valley

The very ground that you are standing upon offers up many hidden treasures, in fact the key driving factor in what makes the Saltscape so unique is its underlying geology. Saltscape teamed up with geology experts at Cheshire RIGS to raise awareness of the important geological features of the salt landscape and offer key information.

Audits were undertaken at 8 sites across the project area in search of Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites (RIGS). Under the designation of RIGS, sites have a measure of protection in planning law so will be safeguarded into the future.

The findings of these audits have been be presented at two, 1-day, free Geodiversity conferences  held by Cheshire RIGs  at the Lion Salt Works Museum in June 2017.

View map to learn more about each of the sites.



What have we delivered?

  •  8 RIGS sites surveyed, written up, recorded and designated
  • 2 geodiversity conferences held

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