Conservation and Management of Grassland

Species rich grassland originally developed as a product of low intensity farming practises and created the perfect habitat for many charismatic species including barn owls, brown hares and numerous invertebrates. Grasslands suffered at the hand of ‘the green revolution’ (a period of global farming intensification between 1930 and 1960) and, as a result, 99% of Cheshire’s grasslands have been lost in the last 60 years.

Our grassland restoration project worked to bring 7 local wildlife sites and 4 non-local wildlife sites back into positive management. A large part of this involved clearing the sites of overgrown shrub and invasive species, much of which was only made possible through the assistance of volunteers who put in more than 300 hours of work.

Throughout this project we aimed to develop and maintain a strong line of communication between ourselves and those responsible for the sites. In total, 9 landowners received  advice and support. This was to ensure continued site management and improved engagement with local wildlife sites going forward.

Take a look at our interactive map for more detail. 

What have we delivered?

  • Advice given to 9 landowners
  • Habitat management at 11 local wildlife sites
  • Management plans written for key sites of conservation importance

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