Conservation and Management of Ancient Woodland

Ancient semi-natural woodlands provide a range of habitats that support a rich diversity of plants and animals. With some woodlands dating back as far as 10,000 years they are now all that remain of the original forests which once covered most of Britain but which now occupy only 2%.

The ancient woodlands of the Saltscape are particularly special as they contain a diverse flora as a result of fluvial erosion through various glacial deposits. Without management of these sites the richness of these areas will have been lost along with their educational value.

This project helped to bring over 15Ha of woodland within the Saltscape back into active management and engaged with 30 landowners throughout the project. Site visits and more detailed woodland surveys have helped to secure positive conservation management for these valuable habitats with 3 management plans having been written and 2 agri-environmental grants awarded. 

Take a look at our interactive map for more detail.

What have we delivered?

  • Advice given to 30 landowners
  • Woodland sites actively managed for conservation
  • 3 Management plans written for key sites of conservation importance
  • 2 agri-environmental awards granted

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